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GILI ISLANDS LOMBOK INDONESIA - Travel Tips and Sugestioins

Travel Tips During Your Holiday in Gili Islands

Following below are useful tips to helps your holiday enjoyable and hassle free


Many visitors are trying to avoid Bangsal Harbor because of its hassles from local boys and street sellers, but if you have no choice, go straight to the ticketing office located on the beach and ignore to any offer from the boys who may say that the boat has already gone, or you must charter. Register yourself and wait till the list is full.


You have to get your feet wet when you board the small boats for the Gili islands especially when the low tide because the water is to shallow for the boat to land to the shore, use slippers/sandals and short.


Do not let the local porters carry your bags for whatever reason. This guys are usually try to be gentle or act like a boatman crew. They often charge an expensive and unreasonable amount. If you have to pay, a regular porter cost is about Rp. 1000-2000/bag.


Do not buy any mosquitoes coil from some kids at the harbor, as they are trying to sell things at the highest they can. There are lots of shops on the Islands selling those stuffs with better prices.


Do not try to look at the things that they offers, and do not make any promises to say "maybe later". Those guys can recognize your face and ask for the promises.


When you returned from the Islands, many kids brings water to wash your foot. At first you may feel convenient, but at the end they ask some money. Give them some school needs i.e.: pens, or writing book. It's better not to let them do anything to you.


Carry small changes to pay public buses or taxi. Call the taxi operator: 627000 (Lombok taxi) if you need to be picked up. If you have to go by private car, try to fix the price first rather than argue at the end of the journey. or Call us before leave the island at +62 370 6650238 for comfortable private car and reasonable price.


Stonefish are found on the coral reefs where they are camouflaged and almost invisible. watch your steps they are poisonous if stepped on.


Also, be aware of strong currents while swimming or snorkeling. It is best to ask the advice of a dive master before swimming alone.


Jelly Fish is almost invisible on the water. It looks like a crystal/plastic, but very dangerous. Some kind of jelly fish is making your skin itchy, and some are poisoning.


Use a high protection of Sun Cream. The weather can be very hot on the afternoon.


Do not leave any valuable belongings unattended at the beach while swimming or snorkeling. Ask for a deposit box at the hotel where you stay.

The only mean transport on Gili island are Cidomo and push bike as no cars or motor bike are allowed by the inhabitant.

The are various of accommodations on the Gilis ranging from Luxury villas to the simple home stay or bungalow, most of the affordable and luxurious accommodation are located on the beach, the bigest range is in Gili trawangan.

Travel To Gili's
The Gili are easily reached from the mainland Lombok or Bali, either by public transport or boat charter out of Bangsal or Teluk Nare on the north west coast or through the Lombok Tourism com which is provide daily transfers by speed boat charter from Teluk Nare.

From Bali
The fast boat service are great option provide direct service to Gili Trawangan. The Gili Cat, Blue Water Safaris, and the Mahi - mahi fast boat are provide daily transfer to Gili island for ticket booking contact Lombok Tourism Com.

From Bangsal Harbour
Catch a Taxi or Bemos to Bangsal harbor, a small remote harbour on the north coast, 30 minutes drive from Senggigi. The public outriger boat depart regularly to all three islands and charter are availble, price depending on the number of the passanggers and your bargaining skills.

From Teluk Nare / Teluk Kodek
The small port on the north west coast of Lombok, The port opreated specially for charter boat to Gili Trawangan or Meno by normal or speed boat. For charter daily boat transfer from this port contact Lombok Tourism Com for details information.

From Senggigi
Lombok Tourism Com provide a one way either return trip by shutle Bus + boat to the three Gilis at Rp. 75.000/person/way contact Lombok Tourism Com for further details Phone: +62 370 6650238 or Mobile: +62 (0) 8175773060.

What To See and Do
There are many options for enjoyable your holiday on the Gilis. you can rent snorkelling gears, joint diving course, kayaking, fishing, or take glass bottom boat to see the magnificent of coral reefs and fishes.

Health and Medical
Sanitation has improved on the Gilis there are two health center on the island one is at Gili Trawangan located at Hotel Villa Ombak with better facilities for tourist, Gili Meno also have one of the health center which is funded by local business, and one is in Gili Air located at main village, locally known as Puskesmas.

There are no Police station office or military post at Gilis, but there is Police station at Bangsal Harbor. The island funded uniform community policing group (SATGAS), visitors security and safety. In the rare event of someone breaking the law or disturbing tourists, perpetrators are handed over to Police on Lombok and face banishment from the island for up to five years. For your own safety, deposit valuable items at the reception where you're staying at. Carry only small cash and necessary items.

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