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GILI AIR ISLAND - Places To Stay Information

There are many option places to stay in Gili Air at present day. Most of the old bungalows and hotels has improve their accommodation facilities and also there are few brand new hotels and bungalow built on Gili air.

We have selected some of Hotels, Bungalows and villas to suite every travellers budget. For your convenience, we provided you with Hotels, Bungalow, and Villas features information. Simply click on the accommodations to find out more and you can book through us Lombok Tourism Com by email: lomboktourism@gmail.com, Phone: +62 370 6650238 or fax: +62 370 693005. Guarantee lowest rates and safe transaction.

Hotel Gili Air

Hotel Gili Air, is a tourist resort located on the beach. which rises onto small island of Gili Air atoll. The resort extends over a surface area of approximately 35.000 meter square and consist of central body, where the front office services, Restaurant, and the office are located. The accommodation are consist of 30 typical chalet, which are mostly situated along the beachfront, to give beautiful views offer the incredible colors of unique dawn and dusk.

Hotel Villa Karang

Villa Karang,
located on the south west coast of Gili Air, right on the best beachfront over looking the mainland of Lombok. its has own restaurant and tourist facilities is a walking distance. All room type is individual bungalow with has own veranda/balcony, equipped with air conditioned room (not all rooms), mosquito net, private clean bath room, and shower.

The following listed accommodations offer a clean and simple homestay in Gili Air, and does not accepted booking from travel agent.

Coconut Cottages
Room with fan, hot and cold shower, internet access, western style toilet
Sunrise Cottages & Restaurant
Room with fan, verandah, western style toilet
Resota Cottages & Restaurant
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Legend Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Gili Air Cottages
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Pino Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Gili Beach Inn
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Lucky Cottages
Room with fan, balcony, shower, hammock
Gita Gili Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Salabose Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower, hammock
Safari Cottages
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Hink Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Gusung Indah
Room with fan, balcony, shower, hammock
Pondok Gili Air
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Bu Pati's Place
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Fantastic Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower, hammock
Rose Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Mawar Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower
Kira-kira Bungalows
Room with fan, balcony, shower

Getting To Gili Air
www.lombok-tourism provide a one way either return trip by shutle Bus + boat to the three Gilis at IDR 200.000/person/way contact us for further details Phone: +62 370 6650238 or Mobile: +62 (0) 8175773060.

Moving Around Gili Air
To get around the islet you will not find any cars or motor bikes because is prohibited by local live here. The only public transportation is horse cart. Bicycle rental are available too. expect higher prices for most things there, since the food and goods are brought from the mainland of Lombok.

While divers are able to regularly swim with black tip, those who prefer to just drifts in the currents with a snorkel, fins and mask are never left disappointed by the more than 6,000 species of marine life living just off-shore.

Fishing is one of the highlight activities on the islands. Deep fishing remain the best on south west of the Gili. Carry your own equipment if you're not familiar with the traditional-style of fishing.

Travel Tip and Sugestion

» While the Island is busiest from May thorough August, the quieter place off the season from January to April provides a better opportunity to enjoy all the islet has to offer, with accommodation rate is lower then peak season.

» For who wish to come on the busiest season we sugest you to make advance hotel booking before coming due to the accommodation mostly overbooked.

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Holiday PackagesPlanning Holiday to Indonesia this year? The simple pleasure of sunshine, white sandy beaches in quiter setting, unique culture, freindly people, echo adventure tours and amazing landscape makes if those you are look for no dought Lombok, Indonesia are perfect holiday gateway for individual travellers, families, honeymooners or thoose who seek for a total relaxing holiday. Take a look at our holiday packages!! Listed some of our most popular travel packages, to suit your wish and need. Feel free to request a more details version or modify of any suggested itineraries.

Climbing Rinjani LombokMt Rinjani, Lombok's famous volcano, soar 3726 m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regullarly ascend the steep trail to the crater Rim. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regularly ascend the steep trail to the crater rim. We follow in their footsteps completing an introductory trek and spending a full day wandering the crater to appreciate the bright emerald green waters of Lake Segara Anak

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