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Lombok is becoming a world renown surfing destination amongst surf enthusiasts world wide. Huge waves and challenging surf lure die hards to Bang-Bangko (Desert Point) on the south western tips of Lombok, with barrels [hollow breaking waves], that run forever like there're made by some wave machine.

Discover Lombok and Sumbawa rewarding beyond all expectations, particullarly when its comes to serene and exclusive locations. Lombok and Sumbawa is a new unexplored surfing frontier, hosting some of the most impressive surfing spots in the south pacific! There are many greats surf breaks here on Lombok island.

Lombok Surfing a new tourism industry emerging!
The people, the culture, religion, way of life and most especially the scenery of both of these island (Lombok and Sumbawa) ensure they are uniquely different than other Indonesian islands and are bith extraordinary idylic destinations. Experience some of the most exciting, spectacular and thrilling surfing in magnificient but yet unspoilt waters throughtout the length and breadth of Lombok and Sumbawa! Remember if you enjoy surfing pristine waves in beautiful settings, leave them as you find them - Don't leave any rubbish behind or demage the vegetation, so it remains pristine always for future generations to enjoy..

Lombok Surf Spots


Senggigi Reef - Sengiggi Beach Right and Left Hander
Situated in the west coast of Lombok, 20 minnutes drive from Lombok international ariport, this region is the main resort area on the island of Lombok. It's has quite unique and famous for its right and left break. Senggigi is more fickle than the south coast, having to draw the swell from Lombok straight, but when it's on, it's on and has deep tube rights, and a fast moving left with a fast bowl section

Alang Alang Point
Heading north from Senggigi beach, there are Alang Alang Point and some other interesting breaks in larger swell along the north Western coast. Completing the surfing sojourn, is the GIli islands, Trawangan, Meno , Air, offering some excelent waves at times.

South Lombok Surf breaks [ Kuta Lombok Area ]

Are Guling
2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to High tide A nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to Mid tide Has reasonable protection from the wind. Transport: 20 minutes drive and a 20-minute walk or just 20 minutes by boat from Kuta Beach.

This is a fairly typical Indo reef break. Nice and consistent with powerful long rides when the swell picks up. Sensitive to winds. It's better during the raining season with NE winds.
Two main peaks:
The right: good peaky right on the west side. Can be powerful.
The left: at the east side of the bay. Rarely works.

Selong Belanak
West of Mawub Beach, Selong Belanak is situated in a bay between two rugged mounts. Its offer great views and opportunities for surfing, swimming and fishing.

Mawun Beach
To the west of Kuta, this sheltered beach is located between two hils offering spectacular views and pristine white sand.

Grupuk Beach
The protected cove of grupuk beach provides the perfect place for relaxation, swimming in its calm blue water. Especially for the surfer who want to enjoy the dessert point have to take a outrigger boat (traditional boat) to the breaks of the desset point.

Seger Beach

Located is not far from Kuta beach, its the impressive of Seger beach. its ruggedly beautiful surroundings make this an enchanting place, while the large waves provides a challange to surfers.

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Holiday PackagesPlanning Holiday to Indonesia this year? The simple pleasure of sunshine, white sandy beaches in quiter setting, unique culture, freindly people, echo adventure tours and amazing landscape makes if those you are look for no dought Lombok, Indonesia are perfect holiday gateway for individual travellers, families, honeymooners or thoose who seek for a total relaxing holiday. Take a look at our holiday packages!! Listed some of our most popular travel packages, to suit your wish and need. Feel free to request a more details version or modify of any suggested itineraries.

Climbing Rinjani LombokMt Rinjani, Lombok's famous volcano, soar 3726 m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regullarly ascend the steep trail to the crater Rim. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regularly ascend the steep trail to the crater rim. We follow in their footsteps completing an introductory trek and spending a full day wandering the crater to appreciate the bright emerald green waters of Lake Segara Anak

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