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Mandalika Resort is an ambitious resort concept beeing depeloped by the Bali Tourism Development Coporation (BTDC), working in conjunction with the Indonesian Government. Management rights have been granted to the BTDC, who were responsible for development of the Nusa Dua Resort in Bali.

It is now more than 1 year since President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono officiated at the ground breaking ceremony for the contentious Mandalika Resort development in South Lombok.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony on 21 October 2011, the president said that inventors, especially those involved in development the Mandalika Resort area, must be really serious in inventing their money there. One year latter, the depelovment seemss no closer to beeing reallity.

Mandalika Resort is an ambitious resort concept beeing depeloped by the Bali Tourism Development Coporation (BTDC), working in conjunction with the Indonesian Government. Management rights have been granted to the BTDC, who were responsible for development of the Nusa Dua Resort in Bali.

The resort area comparises 1035 hectares of prime land along the South Coast of Lombok and includes 7,5 Kilo meters of beautiful beaches , spanning from Kuta through Tanjung A'an to Gerupuk. The development is also surrounded by a 3000 hectare conservation zone, comprising the hills and highlands surrounding the area and which are home to many native species.

The Mandalika Resort development divides into three zones:

Zone one - Luxury residences
Set a side to attract travellers requiring high quality, self contained, luxury residences combining the privacy of a home with facilities of a hotel. This stand alone villas will be available for rental, lease or for sale. Musch of this area will be recreational and grass areas so will also be very suitable for family.

Zone two - Hotels - Villas and Facilities,
is all about healty living and will include a cycling and trekking area alongside a golf course. Any structures here will be environtmentally friendly and utilize all natural materials wherever possible, inclusive of thegreen golf course which will incoorporate advance water tecniques in order to minimize its environtmental impact on the surounding areas.

Zone Three - Exclusive Villas and Hotels
at Tanjung A'an, which will include a combination of Bohemian, surf beach, ambience and luxury comfort and facilities. This protected cove will include a world class marina and serve as a base for surfers, deep sea fishing, expeditions and diving experiences, as well as offering a luxury stop over for regional and International seafarers.

The plan include making the area sustainable by ensuring that the Mandalika Resort and all its properties comply with global environmental protection standards including new, innovative water treatment and recycling tecniques will be implemented, alongside suitable waste disposal and efficient energy usage.

Lofty ideals, indeed, but detractors fear that such a development would detroy the natural beauty of the area and point to overdeveloped concrete commercialism of Nusa Dua as an example.

In addition, there has been talk of developing a formula One race course and an Ancol or Disneyland style park in the area.

Wading through the frequent press coverage on the topic, it is difficult to sort fact from fiction and more frequently, government driven propaganda designed to entice investors to the area.

A report in Antara Newspaper on 21 October 2011, said that the MNC Group through their subsidiary, PT Global Land Development, would build an integrated park as part of the development of Mandalika Resort.

Chief Commissioner of PT Global Land and Development, Budi Rustanto, and President Director of PT Bali Tourism Development Corporation, Ida Bagus Wira Jaya, signed a memorandum of undertanding (MoU) on development of Mandalika Resort when its ground breaking ceremony was officiated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last year.

Global Land agreed to develop an integrated park in the form of Disneyland, an underwater park, and a tecnical park. MNC group in the meantime said it would build a formula 1 circuit track, a plenary room for concert events, and a seaport for excurtions and ships.

Another investor which also which also signed Mou with BTDC was Rahmat Gobel who own PT gobel International. Gobel Group commited to develop environmentally friendly tecnological facilities such water and water waste treatment, solar systems and other environmentally freindly facilities. Gobel said his company would also build hotels, villas, and high end resort.

Rajawali Group which also signed MoU with BTDC, said it would develop hotels, villas, annd high end resort in the Tanjung A'an area.

I Bagus Wirajaya said at the time that PT BTDC had also signed Mou 's with eight other investors for development of Madalika resort, a part from the three major investor and four others in the educational field.

one year later, on 15 October,2012, PT Global Land and Development chief, Budi Rustanto confirmed during a hearing with parliamentary members of Mandalika Resort accelerated development committee, the Ministry of Economy, and and the national council of KEK (Special Economic Zone) in Jakarta that his company would carry out activities in accordance with the MoU which was signed in October, 2011 in front of President.

One of the commitments we are building in the area of 400 hectares. Our task is how to develoop a tourist spot with value for society. we will start to build a five star hotel first and then the golf course Budi said.

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