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Rinjani Mountain National Park is challenging mountain, the following below is what should to know before starting the trek activities:

Rinjani Trek Centre: The centre is located at the trail head above Senaru Traditional village, it offers and display visitors Trek information, The National park and the Register office for the trekkers.

Park Fees: Fees are paid at the Rinjani Trek Centre. They contribute to protection, maintenance and management of the National Park, Rinjani Trek route, Village attractions and visitor facilities.

Guide and Porters: Trained and licensed Guide and porters are available arrange by the www.lombok-tourism.com cooperation with Senaru Village Community Association (Desa Adat).

Warning: The Rinjani Trek is a challenging mountain walk and windproof clothing. Rinjani can attract severe storms, lightening and and strong winds. When the weather is settled, the sun is intense and the night frosty. Parts of the trail are steep and slippery. Beware of bad weather and risk of exposure to the wet and cold (hypothermia). Id caught in an electrical storm, take shelter and avoid prominent ridges. beware of snakes, and stinging insects and plants. Leeches can be nuisance in the wet season.

Volcanic Hazards: Although Mt. Rinjani has not erupted in recorded history, Mt. Baru (2,352m) in crater lake is an active volcano. It last erupted dramatically in 1994. Check the notice boards for recent hazards, and take advice from park staff and Guide.

Spring Water: Fresh springs are feature of the trek and determine campsites. Your guides knows where these are. During the dry season (July - September) some springs completely disappear. Park staff and Guides constantly monitor these water sources to determine their abundance.

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Climbing Mt Rinjani Lombok

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Climbing Rinjani LombokMt Rinjani, Lombok's famous volcano, soar 3726 m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regullarly ascend the steep trail to the crater Rim. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regularly ascend the steep trail to the crater rim. We follow in their footsteps completing an introductory trek and spending a full day wandering the crater to appreciate the bright emerald green waters of Lake Segara Anak

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